Custom Abutments: Do You Need Them?

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Custom Abutments: Do You Need Them?

Over the years, dental implant technology has continued to expand and as it does, implants become much easier to place and patients are able to benefit from them. As the most popular tooth replacement option, dental implants serve a wonderful purpose and Dr. Terry Song has taken several measures to make sure that the outcome is perfect for his patients. If you are looking to speak with a dentist about dental implants or you are seeking a tooth replacement option, now is the time to call our office and schedule an appointment.

If you are looking for dental implants to be placed, you want to work with a provider who has experience and knows how to place them correctly. Incorrectly placed dental implants can lead to implant failure, which would mean that you would need to have them replaced. Technology in today’s age has made it possible for dentists to use the most advanced tools to perform the procedure. All the advancements have led to better experiences for the patient.

Dr. Terry Song wants to make sure that patients understand whether dental implants are right for them and whether they should receive a custom abutment. Some patients may be told they need them, and others may learn they can use stock ones. There is a difference and custom abutments offer many advantages over their stock predecessor.

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Custom abutments provide patients with better soft tissue management throughout the healing process and they make the final restoration phase easy. If you are unfamiliar with what an abutment is, the dent implant is made up of three main pieces. The first piece is the one that is placed into your jawbone. The second piece is the abutment, and this goes on top of the piece in the jaw. The crown is the third piece and it sits on top of the abutment.

While custom abutments are not always needed, Dr. Terry Song recommends them because patients can benefit greatly from them. One of the reasons why a patient may NEED the custom abutment is because of a crooked or incorrectly placed implant. When the implant is not straight, the implant can fail and will not offer a suitable tooth replacement. A custom abutment can be placed on the crooked implant to straighten it out and allow a patient to enjoy a beautiful smile.

Dr. Terry Song wants to point out to you that today’s 3D fabrication technology has allowed patients to enjoy a comfortable fit and feel when it comes to their dental implants. When an implant is placed in the correct position, a pre-fabricated abutment can be used.

Custom abutments are not always required, but Dr. Terry Song may suggest them for you when:

  • You have scalloped gums
  • The space between the upper and lower teeth are small and the implant cannot be held in place with traditional dental cement
  • The implant is placed deep in the gums
  • Multiple or full mouth bridges are used
  • The patient has thick or thin gums
  • When the upper front tooth has too little gum coverage and the titanium will show
  • When the patient has overdentures that require a bar to hold them in place

Patients who want a customized fit and feel for their dental implants will benefit from custom abutments. It is important to schedule a consultation with Dr. Terry Song first as some patients may have bone limitations that do not allow for the ideal placement of implants and in these cases, custom abutments may be used. The use of custom abutments can provide the patient with many benefits and a beautiful smile for years to come. The abutments are made to reduce the load on the implants, which can ensure longevity of the implant itself.

Dr. Terry Song offers both stock and custom abutments in our office. If you would like to learn more about our abutments or dental implants as a tooth replacement options, do not hesitate to call our office to schedule an appointment.

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